Koshi Shinanya

What We Do

Our mission is to enable youth to access the resources and training they need to lead healthy lives, achieve their goals and be positive changemakers for their communities. We hope to strengthen cultural identity and leadership, challenge discrimination, and cultivate a worldview founded on self-respect, respect for others, and respect for the Earth to ensure healthy and sustainable livelihoods.

We aim to accompany selected youth before, during, and after their higher education years through counseling, work-study internship opportunities, cultural revitalization workshops, and advising for work opportunities beyond their education. The program occurs in three phases: preparation, student mentoring, and job accompaniment.

Why working with the Youth is important?

Indigenous youth are faced is the lack of economic opportunities which causes migration into urban centers for work. Youth recognize the need to create income-generating projects that also respect traditional ways of living and value ecological sustainability. There is much value that comes from sharing technical skills and providing mentoring. When we work with youth, we enact our values of facilitating self-sovereignty of Shipibo communities and challenge notions of dependency communities associate with international NGOs. Our value comes from building relationships and transferring information to those who are motivated to make use of this resources.