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Forming A Diverse Alliance

Alianza Arkana acts as an umbrella that provides a legal, organisational and relational framework where many people can come share the same philosophy, values and commitments to our Shipibo partners.

We are looking for passionate, bright, hard-working, self-motivated and open minded people with a strong interest in the preservation of indigenous traditions and community-based regenerative development.

Our Available Positions

We have grouped these into four categories. Please read this document on our work guidelines and costs to learn more about working here and specific details of each category.

Available Positions

Short Term Volunteer Positions (3-6 months)

"Koshi Shinanya" Youth Mentorship Program Volunteer: available October 2019

"Kené Néte" Fashion Design Program Volunteer: available September 2019

Communications Volunteer: available June 2019

Business Strategies and Grants Volunteer: available June 2019

Permaculturist: Available September 2019

Long Term Staff Positions (9 months - 2 years)

Development Coordinator: Filled

Internal Strategy Coordinator: Filled


We are attracting an increasing number of researchers at Master's and Doctoral level who want to work with us in areas such as:

  • Land & Natural Resource Management

  • Sustainable Agriculture Design and Agroforestry

  • Ethnobotany and Permaculture

  • Sustainable Economic Development

  • Artisan Cooperatives

  • Public Health and Traditional Medicine

  • Youth Work and Education Systems

  • Waste Management and Sanitation

  • Participatory Research and Community Organizing

To read our research philosophy and methodology, click here.

To learn more about research support and infrastructure, click here.

To apply for research opportunities, click here.