Axenon Ikanwe

What We Do

Axenon Ikanwe is a non-governmental radio program led by ARIAP, our partner organization we have worked with since 2017. Axenon Ikanwe is broadcast on radio throughout the provinces of Ucayali and in parts of Huánuco and Loreto. The radio program is also recorded on social media and on the local radio station's website here (from 8 to 9pm Monday through Friday)

The program covers many topics including oral and written Shipibo language, intercultural bilingual education, and intercultural health. It is also an entertaining, family-friendly program that includes stories, myths, legends, songs and educational chats about traditional Shipibo fishing, artisanal products, or agriculture practiced by the elder generations.

The objectives of the program are to strengthen the Shipibo-Konibo language by communicating and sharing ancestral knowledge, to promote the use of the Shipibo-Konibo language without presence of the Spanish language, and to execute an ethno-linguistic study of the Shipibo-Konibo language through the radio program.

Why is it important?

As a result of globalization and economic changes for Shipibo peoples and communities, many Shipibos move to the big cities to find a life with stable work and opportunities. Over generations, the language has lost speakers because of these changes.

The program is directed at the Shipibo-Konibo community, due to the current situation of the people and the very difficult and critical situation that is happening in relation to the socio-linguistic cultural problem, especially in the changing ways they speak, write and understand their language. The Castilianization of the original language is only an indicator that they are on the way to losing their oral tradition.