Our Work

We work primarily with rural and urban-fringe Shipibo communities in the Ucayali region of the Peruvian Amazon. Each program is guided by the personal and collective needs of our community partners, their visions for community wellbeing, and are run by the communities themselves, in order to generate sustainable livelihoods for families.

The main focus of our work is centered on well-being – through improving access to economic opportunities, health and education – to ensure sustainability and promote self-determination. Thriving people make a thriving rainforest, and vice-versa.

Regenerative Solutions

‘Regeneration’ is a process of renewal, restoration, and growth that makes organisms and ecosystems resilient to changes, fluctuations, and disturbances that leads to the recycling of creative and spiritual energy.

We use the term in all of its meanings to inform and describe our best practices approach to healing the Amazon Rainforest through solutions that are good for not just the people, but also the flora, fauna, and ecological services of our planet.

We see the issues that the Shipibo and other indigenous Amazonian communities face, and the difficulties the Amazonia faces, as opportunities to cultivate better ways of living together as a whole.

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Intercultural Education

The Peruvian Amazon is a complex and rich mixture of indigenous, mestizo, colonial and Western cultures. However, indigenous people face discrimination and marginalization in education and all areas of life.

Intercultural education combats this discrimination and respects, celebrates, and recognizes diversity in all areas of human and non-human life. Intercultural education prioritizes partnership and equality.

Our programs aim to strengthen cultural identity and leadership, challenge discrimination, and cultivate a worldview founded on self-respect, respect for others, and respect for the Earth.

Current Projects

Past Projects

Intercultural Health

Shipibo communities do not receive sufficient education on health care and basic disease prevention. Given the lack of resources and access, we work with experienced Shipibo healers and international midwifes to support Shipibo communities with culturally appropriate information on nutrition, disease prevention, and basic health care. 

The healers provide examinations, assessments, and educate patients on ways to treat and prevent illness through combining plant based medicine with elements of Western medicine. 

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Cultural and Knowledge Transmission

Increasingly, Shipibo peoples from communities are migrating to urban centers across the country. In attempts to seek socioeconomic opportunities, Shipibo migrate and often assimilate into the national culture. With this, Shipibo language, traditions, knowledge, and other elements of maintaining identity are lost over time. 

We aspire to conserve and value Shipibo ancestral knowledge and facilitate its dissemination to the next generations. We collaborate with indigenous organizations, provide educational workshops, and focus on linguistic studies to promote Shipibo traditions within a relevant context for every generation of Shipibo peoples. 

Current Projects

Eco-Social Justice

The interests of people and the planet are bound together and mutually depend on each other. Violations of human rights are found wherever environmental and ecological devastation occurs. Eco-social justice recognizes this relationship and affirms that environmental and human rights are indivisible.

We work to raise national and international awareness about environmental issues in the Amazon to end and remediate pollution, deforestation, and other forms of unjust development that weaken indigenous communities and their ability to live on their lands.

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Do Something

The world needs the Amazon and its people. Join our alliance and replant deforested land, build sustainable economic solutions, strengthen Shipibo cultural identity, support indigenous youth and promote intercultural healthcare.