TODAY: Showing of Shipibo Documentary, "CANAÁN, THE PROMISED LAND" in Lima

• December 5 at 5 pm in the Sala de Conferencias de la Facultad de Estudios Generales Letras (PUCP) – Lima, Peru

“Canaan, the Promised Land” is a documentary that introduces the voice and face of the inhabitants of a Shibipo Konibo indigenous community in the Peruvian Amazon called Canaan de Cachiyacu, whose people are slowly dying from nearly 40 years of oil contamination in their territory.

Canaan is located in the province of Ucayali, region of Loreto in the Peruvian Amazon. Its inhabitants were the first Amazonian indigenous people of Peru to stand up to stop the contamination of their waters and animals, as well as the various diseases that are a product of the bad practices of oil extraction. Paradoxically, it is the State itself that is not fulfilling its responsibility, as the principal environmental damages has been left by a state-run oil company.

What road are the people of Canaan left to follow? To whom must they go to get back their wellbeing and healthy environment?

“Canaan, the Promised Land” is a 17 minute documentary produced by the Federation of Native Communities of the Lower Ucayali (FECONBU) and the Network of Indigenous Communicators of Peru – Ucayali (REDCIP). Directing the film is Shipibo film maker, Ronald Suarez Maynas.

For more information please contact Ronald Suarez: +51 957625653,

Alianza Arkana, Thursday, 05 December 2013

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