Alianza Arkana Celebrate Permaculture Day with Indigenous Children

To celebrate 5th May as International Permaculture Day, Alianza Arkana organized a workshop for children in the Shipibo community San Salvador. Earlier this year, we organized two 3 day permaculture courses for locals. Since then, three families from the community have been developing their plots and are starting to enjoy the first harvests.

This workshop was organized with San Salvador´s primary school, and led by Alianza Arkana´s permaculture specialists Marcos Urquia and Felix Rojas. Felix, who is also a local resident, first explained a little about the concept and background of permaculture, before the 20 children were taken out to learn practical skills in the new vegetable patches.

b2ap3_thumbnail_Girl-planting.jpgThe young participants first learned how to distinguish organic and non-organic materials, and separated these in order to make compost. With great enthusiasm, they searched for organic materials in the surrounding area and mixed these with earth, in this way preparing natural fertilizer. Following this, the children made a raised seed bed and planted coriander seeds.

Conducting this workshop with primary school students, some of them as young as five years old, and seeing their excitement reminds us what can be achieved when children make a connection to their natural environment through working in the soil and growing food.

To see a photo album of our event please visit our Facebook page. 

Deborah Rivett on Monday, 06 May 2013

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