More Devastating Oil Spills on the River Corrientes

While it has asked the Peruvian government and regional officials of the department of Loreto to investigate the spill and its effects on the precious rainforest ecosystem and the people who live there, FECONACO members recounted the historic collusion between the government and the oil company, adding that the government defers to the company’s claims that it was not at fault.

Who is responsible, then, for the dozens of devastating spills and ongoing dumping of toxic chemicals that threaten the people of the Corrientes? Pluspetrol, of course, and it’s time the Peruvian government and the people of the world who value the Amazon step up to make Pluspetrol pay.

August_spill_-_3The Peruvian government has not protected the people of the Corrientes by halting Pluspetrol’s operations until they clean up and do the right thing. Instead, the government has announced a celebration of the “World Day of Indigenous People,” seemingly oblivious to how its own policies threaten Peru’s indigenous citizens.

Will newly inaugurated President OllantaHumala to reverse the poisonous course of his predecessors and pledge to protect the people of the Amazon, who are the best stewards of the rainforest and its riches?

Deborah Rivett, Thursday, 11 August 2011

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