Alianza Arkana is a grassroots alliance regenerating the Peruvian Amazon by supporting its indigenous people and their traditions

The wellbeing of life on Earth depends on the resilience of the Amazon Rainforest and its people. Community alliances for regeneration are essential to growing this resilience. Alianza Arkana creates mutual relationships with communities in the Peruvian Amazon to cultivate sustainable solutions and creatively confront the array of eco-social challenges we face today.

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Grassroots Solutions

Regenerative projects cultivated from within communities offer practical, relevant and long-term alternatives to standard development models. Alianza Arkana builds bridges. Communities lead. Here, see our most recent video Bena Jema women receiving PAP smears, yellow fever vaccines, and parasite treatment.

Koshi Shinanya

Inspiring Shipibo youth and women to pursue their own happiness

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Benaxon Jato Raonti Xobo

Bringing Shipibo and international health experts to communities to treat disease and educate Shipibo communities on methods prevention and basic health care.

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Keras Yama

Eliminate the concept of waste with practical, low-cost, and replicable solutions

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Do Something

The world needs the Amazon and its people. Join our alliance and replant deforested land, build sustainable economic solutions, strengthen Shipibo cultural identity, support indigenous youth and promote intercultural healthcare.

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