Benaxon Jato Raonti Xobo

What We Do

“The two-women-wandering-clinic“ is based on the cooperation between Nine Uhlich, a midwife and homeopath and Carolina Mahua Nunta, a Shipibo woman, expert in traditional plant medicines. They not only have a deep friendship, but also the same interest in healing people through holistic medicine. As well as providing remedies for people, they also give them educational advice about nutrition and how they can avoid certain illnesses. Their way of working in each community is to go from house to house visiting people in their own homes. They also go to schools and other public places to provide parasite treatment. They begin the work in each community by meeting with the authorities of that community, after which the days of their visits are announced by loudspeaker so that people are prepared and informed.

By visiting people in their homes, and because Carolina is a native Shipibo speaker, they are able to create trusting relationships in which people can confide their health problems. Over time, they are gaining increasing insight about the overall health and disease profile of the Shipibo and the social and environmental causes of these diseases which include poverty, overwork, the constantly damp climate and poor nutrition.

In 2017, the two women treated 95 patients in the community of Paohyán and 120 patients in the communities of Bena Jema and Santa Clara. Their parasite treatments reached over 1,300 people. This all adds up to a highly cost-effective service. Through having the time and ability to listen to the people they visit, Carolina and Nine offer a very personalized service of high-quality attention to people who are often discriminated against and not listened to when they receive medical attention from the Peruvian health service. At times, they have provided extra resources or bought embroidery from the female artisans to enable them to see a specialist doctor.