Raomis Niibo

What is Raomis Niibo?

The Shipibo-Konibo have a long cultural history of traditional healing and possess vast knowledge of medicinal plants. However, this generation has experienced difficulty in merging this traditional knowledge with the greater contemporary healthcare system. Increasingly, younger generations leave behind ancestral knowledge, opting instead for other income generating activities. Therefore, there's been a steep decline in the transmission of precious medicinal plant knowledge to Shipibo youth.

Raomis Niibo (Medicinal Forests) is an initiative to model how medicinal botanical gardens and forests in urban, semi-rural, and rural contexts, can generate sustainable livelihoods for Shipibo-Konibo communities. We think that caring for amazonian flora and fauna has the capacity: 1) to improve the community's health care through the revitalization of Shipibo ancestral medicinal knowledge, 2) to protect and demarcate this part of the Amazon rainforest, and 3) to provide an alternative means of economic revenue for the community, incentivizing stewardship and conservation over extractivism.

We are currently working with rural, semi rural and urban Shipibo populations. Our goal is to replicate a regenerative model to co-create a web of healthy, vibrant communities that work symbiotically with the forest they depend on. Linked by permaculture impact centers, communities will pair landscape regeneration with entrepreneurship to create livelihood opportunities that cultivate awareness and sovereignty - growing sustainable economies, revitalizing culture, and educating for resilience.

Current Work

We are currently implementing this model in our urban offices in Yarinacocha and in the semi-rural community of Santa Clara through a reforestation concession and Indigenous Permaculture School.