Kené Nete

What We Do

KENÉ NÉTE aims to create a collective of young artisans and fashion designers, based on Shipibo-Konibo craftsmanship with a perspective of sustainable fashion design, preparing them for the national and international market.

This training program will include classes in design, photography, screen printing, clothing, packaging and marketing, and will be complemented by ancestral art workshops lead by artisan teachers, where they will learn to weave fibers such as: caña brava, chambira and native cotton; as well as natural dyeing techniques. The classes will be twice a week and according to participants performance in the course, we will provide grants for students to study next year and continue with their dreams.

Why fashion?

Shipibo-Konibo youth lack access to higher education and job opportunities in their communities are often scarce. However, young people have access to a rich cultural legacy that includes kené, Amazonian cotton weaving, natural fiber weaving, and other Shibipo-Konibo artisanal practices. This project aims to give young people the opportunity to revitalize ancestral craft practices and generate employment opportunities in fashion, paving the way for the first generation of Shipibo-Konibo fashion designers.