Emergency Health Fund for the Shipibo Konibo People

Posted by Alianza Arkana on July 20, 2020

Emergency Health Fund for the Shipibo Konibo People

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused concern all around the world and the Peruvian Amazon is not an exception. Due to the historical oblivion of the indigenous peoples by the Peruvian Government and the collapse of the public health system, the Shipibo Konibo people are in a state of vulnerability to the expansion of the virus and to any other disease such as anemia, pneumonia, dengue, diabetes, infections, etc.

Concerned about this scenario, Alianza Arkana and Xapiri Ground, had the idea of creating an Emergency Health Fund that can meet the needs of Shipibo-Konibo families and/or individuals in the Ucayali region. Thus, the Photos X Action campaign was launched, a non-profit initiative that brings together 10 nationally and internationally renowned photographers committed to indigenous peoples and the Amazon. The goal of this campaign was to raise funds through reciprocity because the people who donated 100 dollars will receive in their homes the photograph they chose.

This fund is being managed by our organization and provides emergency care for a maximum amount of 500 soles per Shipibo Konibo family and/or individual within the Ucayali region. For emergency care, a Shipibo-Konibo person has been hired to follow the cases and will take charge of the payments to be made, respecting the established rules. Alliance Arkana is obliged to declare to the SUNAT all expenses incurred, so that, under no circumstances, the cash will be delivered to the applicants.

If you want to have access to the Emergency Health Fund, please contact Alianza Arkana through our social networks. To find out what the background covers click HERE

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