Farmacia Viva Indigena

Together with the committee of the Shipibo-Konibo community of Paoyhan, Alianza Arkana presents Farmacia Viva Indígena (The Living Indigenous Pharmacy)! In the Amazon rainforest, many indigenous communities struggle to receive proper health care as it is financially and geographically inaccessible. Meanwhile, ancestral knowledge of medicinal plants is disappearing. Farmacia Viva Indigena is a project led by the committee of Paoyhan, a Shipibo-Konibo community in the Ucayali region of the Peruvian Amazon. This project responds to the fundamental needs of the community to reconnect with their ancestral knowledge of medicinal plants, improve the quality of their healthcare  and boost their local … Continue reading Farmacia Viva Indigena

Papanicolaou Campaing in Paoyhan

by Verena Metz Zumarán Sunday the 11th of November, Paoyhan, Loreto,Perú Testing for Papanicolaou is very important, as it enables the doctor to diagnose any existent abnormalities in the cells of the cervix. If the abnormalities are not treated in time, they can cause different types of cancer. Alianza Arkana (AA) was able to persuade the Public Health Authorities to carry out this Papanicolaou Campaign. The objective was to get all the women of the community to participate, in order to then be able to treat the women prone to cervical cancer. This goal has been achieved, due to the … Continue reading Papanicolaou Campaing in Paoyhan

Grow and Cook: A Never Ending Cycle

In many parts of the world, people buy their food products in either neighbouring markets or supermarkets. While we usually give the price of products a high degree of importance, we rarely stop to think of where the products come from. We are often more preoccupied by the economic value of the products than the process required to deliver our products (e.g sowing the seeds, harvest, transport etc). Historically, the Shipibo people of Santa Clara have produced their own food and thus only needed to buy complementary products from external sources. Nowadays, many factors, such as climate change, over-fishing and … Continue reading Grow and Cook: A Never Ending Cycle

Getting to know our Roots and Ourselves – Continuing to plant seeds of change with the youth of Paoyhan

This September 2018, after a very successful Hip Hop workshop, we continued our youth work in the community of Paoyhan. This time, we had fun by engaging in confidence-building exercises, and made an exciting excursion to the new “Farmacia Viva” project site, to connect them to their traditional medicine knowledge. After an incredibly successful Hip Hop workshop with three special guests from Lima, a beautiful spark was lit in Paoyhan. A clear moment of “before and after” happened, where after 3 intense days of songwriting, performance, instrument-playing, an evening show, movie nights, stencil-making, and screenprinting, the children and youth of … Continue reading Getting to know our Roots and Ourselves – Continuing to plant seeds of change with the youth of Paoyhan

Working with indigenous communities

Working with indigenous communities is a wonderful experience. Whether you go as an NGO or a Social Enterprise, you are called to blend in a totally different culture and contribute with your own knowledge and with your own view of the world. Although it is a life changing experience, it’s full of challenges driven by the clash of cultures, the amount of interconnected problems that these communities face and the inherited poor social and environmental work done by others. Working in Amazon Rainforest In this article I want to share an inspiring project, I had the opportunity to film, with … Continue reading Working with indigenous communities

Musical Liberation: Collaborative Cultural Convergence in the Amazon

“One of our greatest challenges and greatest opportunities, remains bridging worlds. Cross-cultural interfaces are paramount for accessing indigenous knowledge through a modern lens, or in this case the musical experience of Liberation Movement. I’m pleased to be collaborating with Liberation … Continue reading Musical Liberation: Collaborative Cultural Convergence in the Amazon

New Forest News: Catalyzing Regeneration on Shipibo Permaculture Sites

  This is the first of a series of blogs showcasing the permaculture demonstration sites Alianza Arkana is supporting. The aim is to cultivate a regenerative eco-social movement for Shipibo communities in Yarinacocha as part of the project “Bena Nii” – meaning ‘New Forest’. They were already working when we arrived at 8:30 in the morning, sweating before the sun broke through the clouds. Looking around me, the Amazonian community of San Francisco was one dominated by tall grass. Amazon? Where are the trees? There is a general belief regarding the Amazon that the profit-driven interests of businesses and governments … Continue reading New Forest News: Catalyzing Regeneration on Shipibo Permaculture Sites