Musical Liberation: Collaborative Cultural Convergence in the Amazon

“One of our greatest challenges and greatest opportunities, remains bridging worlds. Cross-cultural interfaces are paramount for accessing indigenous knowledge through a modern lens, or in this case the musical experience of Liberation Movement. I’m pleased to be collaborating with Liberation Movement, the Temple of the Way of Light and Alianza Arkana to help document ancient wisdom and raise awareness of Amazonian issues that urgently need attention.”

– Mitch Schultz (Director/Producer of DMT: The Spirit Molecule)

LM with Diogenes GarciaOn May 2nd 2014, Alianza Arkana is organizing a groundbreaking intercultural concert in collaboration with indigenous partners. The event is called “Jiwexon Axebo” in Shipibo (translated as “Cultural Revival” in English) and will celebrate traditional Shipibo culture in all its diverse aspects, while also showing a creative side of it’s meeting with Western cultures. The free event for the Shipibo people of Yarinacocha will present a first-of-its-kind performance by California based music collective Liberation Movement, with a special guest appearance by Maestro Diogenes Garcia of the Shipibo community Santa Rosa de Dinamarca.

Sensacion ShipiboAlianza Arkana is teaming up with local partners ORAU (the regional political organization of the National Federation of Amazonian Indigenous peoples), REDCIP (Network of indigenous communicators), Bena Jema primary school, and the Municipality of Yarinacocha to coordinate this convergence of Shipibo music, theater, and dancing.

Summoning the dawn of a musical revolution, Liberation Movement is a hybrid of electronic and acoustic instrumentation with live vocalists, and encompassing a wide range of styles. Featuring recordings and support from Shipibo healers of the Amazon, Liberation Movement fuses ancient technology and modern ritual to create songs that honor sacred healing traditions while simultaneously making them more widely accessible to a global audience.

184705 520632884624335 1458133257 nThe locally renowned thirteen-piece Cumbia orchestra, Sensacion Shipibo, will be jointly headlining the event alongside Liberation Movement. Additionally, the concert will showcase many talented local Shipibo artists and musicians. Among the scheduled performances are traditional icaros (healing songs), vignettes by schoolchildren showcasing traditional legends, and dances depicting traditional rites of passage. A hybrid of the ancient and the modern, this event is a progressive leap forward, bringing together cultures in a productive and creative light and working together for a common purpose – the preservation of the rainforest, its people and traditions.
321331 520633684624255 2089153085 n-001The ancient medicine traditions of the Shipibo people offer an unparalleled transformational healing experience due to the vibrational power of their songs. As Liberation Movement, we are working to align and unite with the intentional elevation of the Earth’s energy field, and the Shipibo have shared with us a key element in this ongoing liberation process. We are honored by, and excited about, our collaboration with the Shipibo and to work alongside Alianza Arkana, an NGO of such integrity, to bring about change.”               – Grant Chambers (Founder of LM)

In 2010, Grant Chambers, aka Resurrector 333 of Liberation Movement, recorded 15 Shipibo healers in traditional ceremonies at the Temple of the Way of Light (the sister organization of Alianza Arkana) in the Peruvian Amazon. Together the three groups are collaborating to bring awareness to and celebrate the richness of Amazonian culture, while cultivating tanglible solutions to the growing threats to this critical ecosystem.

P1040392Liberation Movement is traveling to Peru from April 15-May 15 with Mitch Schultz, the producer of the film DMT: The Spirit Molecule, who will accompany them on their journey to the Temple and into Shipibo communities to film this ground-breaking voyage. Mitch will also be documenting the realities of Shipibo village life and Alianza Arkana’s diverse projects revitalizing the landscape and culture of those communities.

Modern life for Shipibo youth in Pucallpa is tainted with racism against indigenous people; many young Shipibo are turning their backs on their indigenous identity and are ashamed to speak in their native language in the city. Liberation Movement and Alianza Arkana aim to strengthen their cultural identity through this unprecedented event that embraces the integration of Western and Shipibo culture whilst maintaining a vibrant connection to the healing traditions of the Amazon.

Liberation Movement performance features Noah King of Los Angeles, Sasha Rose of Vancouver, and Grant Chambers of San Francisco.

We would also like to thank the Rubin Foundation for their generous financial support of this event.

Click here for more information on this groundbreaking, intercultural event. 

Click image below for video of Liberation Movement:

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Deborah Rivett, Monday, 28 April 2014

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