An Emerging New Paradigm

We now know that our old ways of thinking have brought us great benefits at an incalculable cost. Our planet is in peril and our way of life is not sustainable. It’s time to change. But, as Einstein famously said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

We need a new paradigm, a whole new way of thinking and being, to face our manmade ecological crisis and associated social challenges of illness, poverty and injustice in this new century and new millennium. With this new this new paradigm we would:

  • Change our relationship with nature to one based on respect and cooperation rather than control and exploitation.
  • Acknowledge that we are part of nature rather than separate from her.
  • Celebrate the interconnection of all life-forms rather than isolate and separate us from them.
  • Recognize that all life is sacred.
  • Build individual, organizational and social relationships founded on altruism, community and reciprocity rather than hierarchy, power and selfishness.
  • Create sustainable forms of economic development that preserve the rights of and protect the needs of future generations rather than focus solely on short-term gain.
  • Acknowledge that traditional indigenous cultures, far from expressing backward or primitive thought, are actually rich systems of sophisticated knowledge and vital wisdom for us all.

While there is much to despair in our world today we also live at the cusp of an amazing opportunity, a quickening of global communication and universal moment of hope as people across the planet start to shift their thinking and awaken to a new consciousness that embodies this emerging New Paradigm.

As a species we have a responsibility to our planet, to each other, and to our future generations to work together to protect one of the most important eco-systems on earth - the Amazon Rainforest. We cannot afford to lose her.

Shipibo Kids Planting Saplings