Our Work

Alianza Arkana is helping to protect the Amazon rainforest through strategic alliances, defense of indigenous rights, permaculture, and intercultural education programs.

Our work is concentrated in three main program areas:

Environmental Justice and Human Rights

Alianza Arkana partners with indigenous groups, human rights lawyers and other legal support organizations to advocate indigenous rights and environmental justice. We raise national and international awareness about environmental issues in the Amazon to end the pollution, deforestation, and other forms of unsustainable development that weaken indigenous communities and their ability to live on their lands.
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Community-based Solutions

We implement regenerative development projects that offer clean, appropriate and long-term alternatives to polluting, unsustainable development practices. We pilot programs that integrate permaculture, waste management and nutrition within local communities.
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Intercultural Education

We support innovative, intercultural educational projects in communities throughout the Peruvian Amazon founded on indigenous traditions and conservation ethics. Our projects integrate indigenous knowledge with the best contemporary science and practices to strengthen cultural identity, cultivate leadership and reinforce a regenerative worldview founded on tradition and respect for nature.
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