Statement of Solidarity for Fundación Pachamama

Alianza Arkana, a grassroots non-governmental organization dedicated to protecting the Amazon rainforest by supporting its peoples and traditions in Peru, expresses its support and solidarity to our ally organization Fundación Pachamama, a non-governmental organization dedicated to similar issues in neighboring Ecuador.

Alianza Arkana denounces the shutdown of Fundación Pachamama by the Ecuadorean government on December 4, 2013. We urge President Rafael Correa and the Ecuadorian authorities to quickly reinstate the organization, upholding freedom of expression and the pillars of democracy in Ecuador.

Fundación Pachamama has been working to defend the rights of indigenous peoples in Ecuador for over 16 years, and is broadly praised by the human rights community. Alianza Arkana has been working since our foundation with Fundación Pachamama as well as their sister organization in the United States, and we have witnessed some big steps forward in favor of indigenous peoples, including a recent decision, in 2012, of the Inter-American Court on Human Rights (IACHR) finding the Ecuadorian Government guilty of violating indigenous rights for leasing indigenous land to oil companies for drilling, without consultation or consent. The government has ignored the Court’s decision and its crackdown on Fundación Pachamama is yet another bold step to disenfranchise indigenous people and violate their rights.

The shutdown of Fundación Pachamama, made by the Ecuadorian government without due process, is a clear sign to civil society that dissent will not be tolerated in Ecuador. It follows on the heels of action by the Correa Administration restricting freedom of the press and its alleged repression of political opponents and social movements that challenge the administration’s policies.

Alianza Arkana urges justice for Fundación Pachamama as well as the indigenous peoples they are working to represent. The policies of the Correa government are only inviting further social unrest and environmental degradation, and we call on the international community to respond, condemning this attack on indigenous rights and the environment.

We stand together in solidarity with those defending the Amazon, human rights, and our Mother Earth, Pachamama.

Deborah Rivett

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