Indigenous Federation rejects unjust titling of their lands

The indigenous communities of the upper part of the Pastaza River basin reject a proposal which intends to exclude the oil installations from their communal territories in the titling of their lands, a recent process initiated by the Regional Government of Loreto.

As David Chino Dahua, Vice-president of the the Indigenous Federation of the Quechua People of the Pastaza (FEDIQUEP) stated, the communities have demanded on various occasions that their territories be titled but in an integral manner, that is, without excluding the areas that are occupied by installations of Pluspetrol.

Despite these demands, the agency overseeing this process (the “Direción of Saneamiento Físico Legal de la Propiedad Agraria,” or Disafilpa), decided that these installations would not be included on communal properties.

The vice president of FEDIQUEP made it clear that they will accept that their territories are compromised under the pretext of formalizing communal property, and that they are closely following the process of the titling of their lands.

The reduction of the area of the communal territories caused unrest and indignation among the villagers who kicked the representatives of Disafilpa out of their territories.

Among the communities who were notified of the titling of their territories are Titiyacu, Los Jardines, Nuevo Andoas, El Porvenir, Alianza Topal y Pañayacu.

The indigenous leaders and local representatives reminded the government that titling of the communities is one of the minimal conditions the indigenous federations are asking for in order to accept the implementation of the Prior Consultation process with respect to the re-auction of the oil concession 192.

This will be one of the main topics to be discussed during the the assembly of FEDIQUEP which is to be held at the end of this month in the community of Nuevo Andoas.

Deborah Rivett, Friday, 19 April 2013

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