Celebrating the Day of the Journalist in Solidarity with the Indigenous People of Canaan de Cachiyacu

Today, October 1st marks the Day of the Journalist in Peru, as well as marking the 30th day that the community members of Canaan de Cachiyacu have taken control of 9 oil wells belonging to oil company, Maple Energy, in protest of the 37 years the community has suffered from oil contamination.

To celebrate both of these events, indigenous leaders from the Network of Indigenous Communicators of Peru (REDCIP), the Federation of Native Communities of Ucayali (FECONAU) and the Ucayali Regional Organiztion of AIDESEP (ORAU) organized a protest in front of the headquarters of Maple Energy in Pucallpa in solidarity with the people of Canaan, as well as to call attention to the lack of media coverage around the protest.

Deborah Rivett, Monday, 01 October 2012

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