Update on Community Based Solutions – Dec 2011

Clean and Healthy Communities

Throughout 2011 we have seen steady advances with our Community Based Solutions in waste management. The project, Clean and Healthy Communities – Integrated Community Waste Management has initiated activities with three new communities.

Nueva Samaria, Roya, and Santa Rosa de Dinamarca have all welcomed us with open arms and we continue to establish meaningful relationships with each community to help ensure strong community participation. Meanwhile we have worked to strengthen the foundations of our pilot projects in San Francisco and Nueva Ahuaypa.

For more information on our current community based solutions projectsm please visit here.

Banana Circle Gardens: A Grey-water Solution for the Tropics

While lots of “Grey-waters” may have synthetic and/or toxic materials, grey-water gardens have been designed to filter the water, capturing and neutralizing harmful residues while reutilizing all of the organic residues for food, fuel, and fiber production. The best design we have identified and promote due to its simplicity, extremely low cost, and functionality is called a “Banana Circle”.

This type of grey-water garden utilizes a banana root-lined pit that not only filters grey-water and grows bananas and other useful crops, but it also provides an ideal space for composting. The banana circle can be designed to receive grey-water from the kitchen, the laundry, and the bathing area. Additionally the banana circle can receive all the organic residues from the kitchen and yard scraps. With a properly managed compost pile one is able to treat and recycle human waste as well. A well-managed banana circle is an All-in-One solution for Organic Residues for most communities in the Amazon.

Click here to see a step-by-step photo essay of how to make your own banana circle.

AA-Finalists for the National Award for Environmental Citizenship.

Alianza Arkana was recognized for Community Based Solutions’ projects “Clean and Healthy Communities – Integrated Community Waste Management” and has been selected as a finalist for the National Award for Environmental Citizenship, sponsored by the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment.

The Award is presented in “recognition of the best environmental performances of the public, businesses or organizations through projects, creativity and good ideas, which have developed innovative proposals favorable to the environment.”

Five Shipibo communities currently benefit from these projects and we hope that we can attract further funding and collaborations with governmental and non-governmental identities as welll as private donors to bring these projects to three times as many communities in the coming year.

Deborah Rivett, Wednesday, 30 November 2011

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